Why Azerbaijan??? Becaucus I can…

This page is to help explain more about what exactly I am doing in Azerbaijan.  What has the Peace Corps sent me here to do? I’ll also go over some general things about serving in the Peace Corps.

Generally about the Peace Corps:

I left Sept 23, 2010 for Azerbaijan.  I will be there for 27 months (2 years and 3 months).  For the first 3 months September to December 2010, I was in training. I was trained in the language (Azerbaijani), the culture, and my assignment. I was sworn in on Dec 9, 2010 and moved to a new community (Shamkir) where I will work for 2 years.

My Work:

In Peace Corps Azerbaijan, there are three sectors one can be in: Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Youth Development, and Community Economic Development.  I have been assigned to the Community Economic Development track.  The big fancy long name just means I do 2 basic things. First, I am assigned to an organization and I help that organization improve its internal capabilities and service delivery.  Secondly, I work with the community to develop individuals’ lives and business skills as well as foster community participation or volunteerism.

I have been assigned to the Shamkir Regional Resource and Training Center for the National NGO Forum.  I am still trying to figure out what that big long name means.  The National NGO Forum is a colatition of about 400 NGOs.  I’m unclear about the actual structure, so I’ll write about that later.  The Regional Center serves as a training ground for other local NGOS.  With help from the Regional Center, NGOs can get a variety of help and improve their businesses.  The second main activity is having classes for the community.  There are classes in English, computer lessons, and Cosmetology training.   The Regional Center is a great place to work because everyone in the community knows it as a good place to work and I can do anything.  My boss is very open to doing community projects and wants to give me complete freedom in creating projects.

Let the work begin!

If you have any questions on my actual assignment, please feel free to ask!