It all started when I went to pay for electricity at the post office.  My electrical system is a pre-paid system.  I take my card to the post office to put money on it.  At home I insert the card into the electrical box, and the box recognizes my new balance.  However I, and only me, have one extra step to do.  Before I go to the post office, I had to walk the 2 or 3 kilometers to the AzerEnergy head office.  When I go there, they take my card, put it in the magical box, hit some keys, and give it back to me.  By doing this, they made my card readable.  For some reason, after I put my card into my electrical box at home, the card becomes unreadable by the post office.  I don’t know why.  It was just what I had to do.  I did this for a year.  Then a new problem arose.


I walked to the AzerEnergy office like normal and gave them my card.  They told me they could not fix it this time.  There was a problem, and I had to give them about $170.  I didn’t understand what the problem was or what the $170 was for.  I called my Azerbaijani friend who also knows English and gave the phone to the AzerEnergy guy.  My friend said that I had to come back with my landlord, and we made an appointment for me to do so.  I came back, but my landlord did not come.  I ask again what was wrong and figured out there was something wrong with the box at my house and they needed to look at it.  I had to come another time with my landlord.  I finally got my landlord to come to the AzerEnergy office, and he went around trying to figure out what the problem was.  He was unhappy to pay $170 and told me I had to give him the money.  I then got Peace Corps involved.  They told my landlord that he had to pay for it.  We had to go back to the AzerEnergy office and fill out an application for the inspectors to come and look at the box.  That took 2 more trips because my landlord isn’t happy about doing this.


The electricity problem started February 1st.  These activities have taken place over the course of February.  The problem is still not solved.  My neighbor told me the inspector men came and said there is a problem with the electrical box.  I don’t know what the next step is.  I don’t know what is happening.  I don’t know if my landlord will give the money to fix it.  What I do know is, I still have electricity for now.  I conserve as much as possible.  The warning light on the box is now lite.  Life may get more interesting.  I’m not freaking out. Truly.  Honestly.  I’m probably too mellow for how this could turn out.  I know I can’t control what’s going to happen, so I have let the stress go.  If I have to move, I’ll move.  If I get to stay, I’ll stay.


By reading my last two blogs and now this one, my life may seem like a giant mess and problem-filled.  Well, as of now, it is.  These problems are surmountable.  For the most part…  They bring a little more spice into a rather simple conventional life.  They make you more appreciative of the luxuries and glad when you finally get to use some of those luxuries.  During these times, I am reassured about people’s niceness.  People—friends, strangers, and neighbors alike—are helpful.