I get my water from a tank.  I have to fill this tank up by plugging in a pump that brings the water from a bigger community water tank.  Everyone in my block does this to pump water into their private tanks.  We all share this big community water tank.  When the water truck comes around to fill the big water tank, we all pitch in 2-3 manat.  At some point 2 weeks ago or so, we emptied the big water tank.  The water truck hasn’t come to fill the tank up.  My private water tank is now empty.  I have NO water.  It took me three days of trying to pump water into my private tank with no positive result to finally ask my neighbor what happened with the water.  She told me the whole deal.  The neighborhood has no water, and no one knows when the truck will come. 

Now I need to find water.  My neighbor lent me a 5 liter bottle of water for the day.  I used it to have tea and wash the 3 day pile up of dishes in my sink.  I went to the store and bought a 19 liter bottle of water so that I can have safe drinking water until I figure out what to do about:

  1. Taking a shower (since it has been a week and I SMELL! When you can smell yourself, you know it’s time to shower),
  2. Doing my laundry
  3. Flushing the toilet
  4. Normal everyday stuff that will still happen

Luckily I have some friends who work as teachers at the Baku-Oxford School in Shamkir.  They live in nice cottages 5 minutes from me and let me take a hot shower and do my laundry in a washing machine.  I was very grateful for that!  My neighbor also told me about a spicket to get free water from that is close to my house.  SCORE! 

My plan from now on:

  1. Buy 2 or 3 5 liter water containers to keep water in
  2. Fill up the 19 liter water bottle and maybe the 8 liter pail
  3. I can do the dishes, laundry, and bucket baths with the spicket water
  4. I can drink and use in food the water I bought at the store
  5. I am figuring out a list of water-less food to make

This should last me a while.  I get to use the water-conserving skills I learned as a kid while camping.  I’m hoping we don’t go 2 weeks or more without water.  Inshallah! 

It’s not abnormal for a volunteer not have water in their house.  Some of the volunteers who live in villages had to have water containers and carry water in from a communal spicket.  I never envied them.  Looks like I’ll become a real volunteer soon.  Just another one of those things that makes me say, “Morgan, you should have left in November with the rest of your group!” 😉