I know for the past year, I haven’t really talked much about projects I have worked on. You might still wonder, “What on earth do you actually do in Azerbaijan?” This year, I’m changing what I blog about. I will have more posts about projects!

I work at the IDP (internationally displaced people) community in Shamkir. I have two different classes I teach there. I teach a computer/typing course to 4 children who are about 10 years old. I also teach an English/art/computer/whatever-we-want-to-make-it course with older girls who are in their early 20s. In April I decided to teach an environmental lesson to the English class of girls because Earth Day was approaching. At the end of the lesson, we talked about recycling. I had some pictures of ways you can use materials in a new way. Two of the examples were magazine beads and a vase made out of magazines. I thought it would be fun to do magazine beads with them and asked them if they wanted to make the beads next class. They said that they would like to make something, but what they really wanted to learn to do was the vase made out of magazines. I responded with, “Yea! Ok. We can do that! No problem.” In my head I was thinking, “How the heck do you make this vase?”

I used the fancy internet to learn how to make this vase. I then began to make it, so that I could teach them. I gathered magazines I had and asked some friends for more. Well, after more than a month, we are finally done! Making a vase takes a lot of time and a lot of glue. The results look fantastic!