Seriously… I bought a kilo of carrots. What on earth was I thinking?!?!?

I just moved out of the host-fam’s house and into independent housing!! WHOOHOOOO. I went to the bazar (market) the other day and was buying food. I saw carrots, and they weren’t too expensive. Because I haven’t had to buy food myself for the 12 months that I’ve been here, I haven’t gotten used to what a “kilo” really means. Therefore, I bought a kilo of carrots. Ohh dear… Carrots don’t have water in them to make them heavier like tomatoes. What does a kilo of carrots look like? (I didn’t take a picture), so just imagine a crap load of carrots!!! About 15 carrots.

First Carrot Project:
I made Carrot and Onion Soup. This soup called for 6-8 carrots. I did it with 8 carrots. Guess how many carrots I had left?????? Still way too many. Anyway, back to the carrot soup.

I’ve been missing soups since I came to Azerbaijan. I like soups, but not Azerbaijan soups. Their soups consist of lots of oil or a bouillon cube which I can’t stand the taste of. There is no creamy richness, no overload of vegetables, nor noodles in their soups. I wanted soup. I wanted it the way I know soups are suppose to be! Boy, did I get soup. This recipe calls for 6-8 carrots, 2 onions, tarragon, salt, water…and that’s all I’m remembering. Simple. I can do simple since I’m not a cook. Don’t really like cooking (it’s why I have a boyfriend who cooks). It turned out delicious! Loved it. Made it Friday, and I’m still eating it on Monday—almost done.

Carrot Project #2:
I’m glad carrots last longer than tomatoes because my carrots would have gone bad after 2 weeks of not finishing them. This time I decided to make Curry Lentil Soup. It only calls for 2-3 carrots, so I put 5 in. It also includes lentils, onions, curry powder, and garlic. Mine came out less soup like because I boiled off all the water (oopps). It is still tasty but not as good as Project #1.

Maybe you don’t care that I bought a kilo of carrots and what I did with them. However, I’m excited about it. This is the simple stuff my live consists of here. Nothing grand. Not everyday can be spectacular with funny events or stories. Cooking for me is an adventure! I didn’t do it much in the states. I like to pretend I have no idea how to cook. It was not only a carrot project but this is a cooking journey for me. I’m going to develop some skills. I’ll probably buy another kilo of carrots every other week until they go out of season!