I haven’t written too much about Azeri Customs, well not specifically anyway.  So, I made a brief list!

  Cultural Custom Olar (allowed) Olmaz        (not allowed) Reason
1 Drinking cold water   X Because they think you will get sick
2 Girls can sit on the floor or cement   X They think it is bad for your health, especially one’s reproductive health
3 Girls can playing soccer   X Generally, it is not appropriate for girls because girls have a more traditional role here, but boys can play soccer. Girls and boys do not play soccer together.
4 Putting old bread in the trash   X Bread is sacred here. Instead of putting old bread in the trash it is given to chickens or animals. Also if bread is seen on the ground, people will pick it up and put it in a high place (windowsill or tree). People will also hang bread in a separate bag next to the trash can for someone to take for their animals.
5 If you have food, offer some to your friend X   People share a lot here.  If you have food, you are supposed to offer some even if you know the answer is “no”. 
6 Greeting everyone you know on the street   X While it is important to greet people you know, you must be careful about greeting the opposite gender.  Saying “hi” to the opposite gender in a public place could be taken the wrong way by observers.
7 In a bus, boys should give up their seats for women X   Young men should always give their seats to women who are standing.  Young women also give up their seats to older women or much older men (gray-haired men).
8 In a taxi, boys sit in the front X   Only boys sit in the front sit; girls never do unless they are related to the driver.
9 Having dogs and cats in the house   X People here do not usually have pets.  Dog and cats wander around the street and not “owned”.  If a family has a dog or cat, they are in the yard and never allowed in the house.
10 If you hear bad news, you pull your ears while making an “air kissing” sound, then knock on wood three times X   Doing this will prevent the same bad situation from happening to you.
11 If you step on someone’s foot you should say “sorry”   X If you step on someone’s foot, you grab that person’s hand.  Stepping on somone’s foot means that you are fighting. Grabbing their hand means you are at peace.
12 Wearing your shoes in the house   X You take your shoes off before entering a house. When you are inside the house, you always wear slippers
13 Having mud on one’s shoes   X Azeris care a lot about their appearance. They always look well put together.  Cleaning one’s shoes is a must. People will even carry a rag with them on muddy days.
14 Girls can be outside after dark   X Girls are expected to be home before dark.  If you are, you are considered a “good girl” and will have a good reputation.  If you are not, men will bother you.
15 Going outside with your hair wet   X If you go out with your hair wet, they think you will get sick.  When you take a shower, you are supposed to stay home for the rest of the day and drink tea in order to stay warm.
16 Eating with your hands X   Utensils are not commonly used here.  Bread is considered a “utensil” and is used to scoop up food.  People usually eat meat directly with their hands; no cutting meat with your fork and knife