I found out my new site early in November and have forgotten to post it.

I am going to Shamkir, located on the western side of Azerbaijan, west of Ganga—the second biggest city. Shamkir is a city and a region. It has a population of approximately 177,000. Many, many years ago (before Stalin) it was a German settlement. So the buildings do not look like traditional Azeri buildings. Shamkir is mostly in the foothills. There are mountains around but not that close.

I will be working with the National NGO Forum Resource Center. It seems like a great organization to work with! I will be their fourth volunteer but the first girl. From what I can gather right now, the resource center has 2 objectives. The first is to provide training and give advice to other NGOs. The second is more community outreach in order to build people’s business skills and life skills by creating community projects and implementing income generating activities.

I will have 2 site mates who are TEFLS (English teachers).

I am being sworn in Dec 9 as an official Peace Corps Volunteer and will move to Shamkir shortly after that. I am sooooo excited to start working!!