The week of relaxation continued. At the beginning of the week we visited a PCV at their site and on Saturday we got to have a culture day. This culture day we went to Qobustan and the mud volcanoes.

Qobustan is the 3rd most ancient place in the world (apparently there was a summit that agreed upon this). We learned about cavemen and what they did for food, weapons, water, etc. After a short lecture in Azeri which was translated into English by one of our language teachers, we got to look around at the rocks. The most interesting thing about the rocks is the carvings. The cavemen drew pictures in the rocks. Now, it’s very hard to see the real carvings because they are exposed to the elements. It’s always nice to squint your eyes and imagine that you see it or to pretend that the carvings that you can see are the real carvings these cavemen drew and have been left completely untouched.

Look out from Qobustan at the Caspian

Qobustan is pretty much a bunch of rocks.

If you pass through and around this rock 3 times, your wish will come true

The Peace Corps had ordered 2 buses for 62 people to go to these 2 places for the day. The mud volcanoes are out in the middle of nowhere. To get to them, you have to make this random right turn off a highway where it looks there are just factories and sheep, then travel down this narrow dirt road filled with giant pot holes. After that you go up this hill, and the volcanoes are there. However, once we got to the narrow dirt road, the bus drivers refused to drive down it. They said the road would ruin the buses. After 30 minutes of negotiations, the bus drivers were on strike, and we walked about 2 miles to see the overflowing mud.

The road to the mud volacanoes

The mud volcanoes are unique to Azerbaijan. They are honestly this giant ant hills of mud that bubble and overflow like a volcano. It ended up being a messy day for some people who played in the mud. I however, did not play in the mud. I didn’t want to be covered in it for a few hours.

Mud volcanoes! Could you tell?

Mud. People touched it and got very dirty. I avoided it.