It is almost 2 am, and I have a 7 am flight to Philadelphia. Did I pack at the very last moment? Yes. Did I have too much stuff to fit into my suitcase? OHHH indeedy. Do I still not have everything completely together? You bet! While I am tired, I’m also mostly excited. My sleeplessness comes from my mind returning to a mental check list as I scour around the house gathering those almost forgotten things.

What has gotten me here? What has gotten me to this very point? My mind was set on grad school and Peace Corps in January of 2009, and there was no turning back. What has gotten me here has been the people who ask “what will you do when you graduate?” Being newly armed with a bacholor’s degree in Business, German, and Political Science felt insufficient. What could I do? Although the real question was, what couldn’t I do? I knew I liked to travel, but what can you do with that? Well, as I found out, I can help others around the world using my new skill set. I can even learn a new language and get a master’s while doing it! SIGN ME UP!

That, in a nutshell with a ribbon, is why I joined the Peace Corps. It’s about traveling; it’s about service; it’s about doing the things I could never dream about. I believe I have found a direction for my career and life. Peace Corps service will help mold and define this giant abstract partly conceptualized idea.

Wish me luck! Thanks for the prayers.